About Our School

The institution, Gagan Public School, Khair Road, Aligarh was founded by Mrs. & Dr. S.C. Sharma, who believed that an institution can never be run by a hand but it requires numerous hand and of course, head and hearts too and it has proven completely true in this case. Rich in enthusiasm, these devoted persons launched their first campus in small premises and began with only 104 students on roll. They were greatly inspired by the saying, “Nothing is impossible.” They wanted the school to be an instrument for including values of universal brotherhood and cultivation of virtues. The school’s motto “Enter to learn and leave to serve” is in fact its guiding mission. It is to inspire the children and the young youth to think in terms of welfare of all people to whom they come in contact with directly or indirectly. 

Gagan Public School Khair Road Is Affiliated to CBSE Board