Promotion Policy


  • There is no formal examination for students of Nursery, Prep, and I.
  • The Report cards of the children are based on the assessment/evaluation done by their teacher on the basis of day-to-day observation and class tests in classes Nur. to I & on the basis of weekly tests for classes II to V.
  • Classes IV & V have first-semester and second-semester examinations.
  • Minimum 40% must be secured in aggregate and in every subject for Classes II to V.
  • Project Work is planned in all subjects from Class I upwards. The projects relate to familiar topics and target the development of research and presentation skills and not simply learning by rote. Children are given exposure to both individual and group project work. The marks scored in one best weekly test and one project is taken into account for each semester in classes where formal assessment is done ( Classes II to V) 
  • Due credit is given to regularity, punctuality, regular and timely submission of assignments and homework as well as neatness. Marks will be deducted for work that is untidy and illegible.
  • All SUPW / activities opted by the student will be performance-oriented. Every child should score a satisfactory grade in the same.
  • The school aims at child-centric education with the holistic development of every child. 


  • For promotion to the next higher class: A minimum of 40% must be secured in aggregate and in every subject in the final result.
  • Semester system: for classes VI-X-the whole syllabus shall be divided into two parts and the examination shall be conducted in two semesters. The syllabus covered in the first semester shall not be included in the second semester except for some topics in Mathematics. There shall be two formal examinations in the months of October and February, apart from Monday Tests.
  • Minimum 40% in each subject must be secured in each semester.
  • For class XI: Apart from Monday Test, two formal examinations shall be conducted in the month of October & February. For the February examination, question papers shall be set from the whole syllabus, strictly as per CBSE guidelines.
  • For class XII: Three exams shall be conducted on the CBSE examination pattern in the month of July (Mid Term Exam), Nov. (Pre Board I), and January (Pre-Board II).
  • Participation in at least two co-curricular activities including SUPW is compulsory for all students.
  • A minimum score of grade D in SUPW is essential for promotion to the next class.
  • Minimum 75% attendance is required for promotion from class XI to class XII.